Sunday, December 13, 2009


这天真是悲喜交集呀!! 说来话长。。。

Main Character: Me, WaiYee and MengHwal

4:50am- woke up+prepared.
5:35am-reached bus station.
6:15am-inside the bus that travel to Bentong.
7.30am-reached Bentong and took another bus to Genting. (Bentong peoples was so immature+childish)

9.35am- reached Genting and wait for almost half an hour for the HR Department to open the door to start the section interview.( same again, Bentong peoples was so **)

10.35am-submit the form, and I was filled the white form as the application for KENO SLOT ASSISTANCE(老虎机)
11.45am-Wow, the HR was calling my name, but the reason was the vacancy for KENO SLOT was FULL! What the heck! And my turn was no.104 , oh my god, I have came earlier and I still get the behind number. So I gonna change to another application, I apply for the CROUPIER and my turn was no.131 = = ( wuahahaha, I saw many Bentong peoples was failed in the section interview~~ :D)

After that, I called my sister to help me. Sigh.... How unlucky I am :( Then, I quickly called my brother to apply for the vacancy. DING ~~ UNFORTUNATELY , his working place also FULL. I was so frustrated... Because I though that day won't have my turn because we need to rush for bus, plus that time WaiYee and MengHawl already been selected... But luckily the last minute was my turn, then I prepared myself and get through all the communication and calculation :) Of coarse, must thanks to WaiYee and MengHwal, they always encouraged me.

V for Victory :)
(the place where we interview)

It still left for almost 25 minutes before we took Genting bus to Titiwangsa, so we go hang around at the 1st floor Lobi there..

And there were so beautiful with the Merry Christmas decorative~~ And I saw my favourite stuff, ginger bread man~~ Hurray :) :) :)

this is chocolate
(I ate already, quite sweet but it was delicious, inside were fulfilled with fruits)

ho ho ho , Santa Claus

(my mum and my little brother like it)

as a gift for Nbt :)

( it's actual size was bigger than my palm)

as a gift for Kry :)

(it's actual size was bigger than my palm)


yee and me



me - too dark :(

menghawl and yee


yee and me

yee and me - this one another take corrupt already :(

Happy Ending~

p/s: my cellphone graphic was so poor, yee, next time use yours hand phone to photography ya :p

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