Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hey there, this post I'm gonna share the experience of me while joining the ice-breaking for the UTAR freshmen...

the punishment for the lose team =~=

(try to notice that I been drew by 3 types of drawing)

this is the free gift by joining the ice-breaking, lol~

(Herbal Essence, nice raspberry fragrance~)

well, the below arts copyright is juan :p

(like a kid, sigh... try to improve my make up skill since I'm studying PR now :(

notice my shawl, kry and yee? grey colour ;)

stay forward-


A Fears New Life

Hey guys, believe that I've neglected my blog for a damn long period... Guess what, I'm back~ with a new life at Kampar, Perak...

After resignation from Genting Malaysia Berhad, I proceed my journey to further persuasion of higher education at UTAR Kampar, Perak. Trying to adapt the new life and the so-called culture in Kampar...

Well, let me list out a few examples of Kampar culture as below:-

*go out ''yam cha'' with friend after 10pm

(gosh, my dear will know that I'm going to sleep at this time :[ In lieu of that, I rather than stay at hostel<3 )


(hesitate to tell that I don't know how to cycling, but the good news is my housemate gave me his bicycle! oh yeah~ I'm going to practice cycling soon ;)

*make friends

(ahem, those seniors are being too FRIENDLY, i cant use to it. In turn, I'll became more defensive... Do not believe strangers in a simply way to avoided regretting)

*doing part time

(yeah~ position as a drinks maker or cashier.. Rm4 per hour + near to my hostel + time is FLEXIBLE.. It's sound good right? Hmmm, maybe will apply for it soon :D Besides, there's still have another option, as a student assistant at UTAR, same price... Anyone give me some suggestion?)

Herewith is the pictures of my room at Westlake, Tsing Hua:-

the bath room

the bed room

*like a suite room?? heheee (thumb up!)

stay forward-


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Experience

13-15/1 orientation day
reached Genting almost 12pm... rushed to register = = sigh.. the HR Department working effective was so #@$%! we 6pm something only enjoyed our's meal T__T

16/1 training day 1
First day, started training from 6pm to 2am T__T Luckily no OT, hahaha~ pity waiyee chan~~ Cause I already sway-ing, very sleepy ne :D my training room is at RSC1 , strong air conditional, very cold ler... I'm very quiet dint talk with anyone of my group.. felt they're very hard to mix... haha ;)

during training day

yee chan was sick!! probably is because of the weather and the food was oily.. yee also vomit ne.. so pity, that time i'm thinking bout luckily I'm strong can fight those illness.. BUT after few day, is my turn!! SIGH~~~~ I high fever ler, 38.7c plus sore throat... that time, yee accompany me go to clinic genting because free of charge :) then the doctor suggest me to take mc.. but I rejected.. because after that day is last day training, then I have to start working at casino dy, so scared~~~ (sobsob)

last day training
after we all have passing up, we have celebration ler :D Got chocolate cake eat (wuahahaha) Then, I followed my group went to outdoor~ quiet fun, but very scared ler the space shot T__T
p/s: actually planned to pray at half hill because the next day gonna start working,but finally went to OUTDOOR.. I sick still went to played.. LOL ~~ due to sore throat, I cant shout~~ haha :P

first day working
......................................................................................very charm ler T__T because everything is different compare with training room.................. sure get scolded lor, especially is female pit supervisor...... they saw male newcomer, the mouth like cant close ler, even the saliva wanna drop too ==( x 00) SIGH~~~~~~ some more, I haven't recover ler... voice not available... still want me to do announcement.... customer also stand out for me ler :)

second day working
much better, because is male pit supervisor wuahahaha :D got some F*@%-ing customer simply said thing~ I wanna blast them!!!

third day working
quiet happy lor, first day met a female senior croupier is nice one, I'll remember her ;)

fourth day working
wuahahahaha~~~~ yee, this day I'm so happy~~ lalalalalala~~~ this day, I first time played TAI SAI & MINI DICE, but last 3days I was played roulette... so I'm so nervous ler.. BUT this day have 2 male senior croupier was very nice~~ they teached me with patient how to run the game :D the most friendly one quiet cagoi ne :D~~~ he'll talk with us~~ joking also~~ when I go to resting ar, he even told me don't run to resting, walk slowly ler :D
p/s: very curious why he said so~~~ I wonder is he saw the incident that when I last time go resting one~~ :D

after came back Mentakab, yee fetch me and shen go eat dinner ler... sure chatting lar~~ miss shen too :)

yee, wait me, I'm going up soon~~~


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

G.O.O.D Luv

Tomorrow this time I already at Genting ;)

My Mentakab tomotachi, genki ne~

Buko and Kry wish you two, good luck ya~ see you two at there too~

p/s: Hope my mum and little brother will be okay for being at home, since there was no other male adult.. Yee's mother too :)

G.O.O.D Luv~

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last Genting Memory

在寒冷的云顶,有这双手套陪我 :)




看, kryyee~

KL拍的大头贴 ;)

最喜欢这张 :)

有一个人变成猫了;哈 XD

my beloved friend :)

p/s:米修 , 米修~~ (miss you , miss you -learn from Next Stop;Happiness :D)
Currently watching 败犬女王~ recommended by nobuko ;)
Still have 8days~~
today brother is coming back~

Monday, January 4, 2010

Presento XD

My relative just came back from China :) and bought this to us~~

stone ( yin-yang??)

sweets :D

my chubby brother like this :)

i like this; XD

But needed wait my elder brother come back only can eat T___T
p/s: yee, i meant this one ;)

Still have 9days~


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Next Stop; Happiness

最近在看下一站;幸福,很感人~ 而且片头曲很好听 :) 本人很喜欢片里的三根胡萝卜 :D









p/s: best recommend to nobuko~

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday !

Gomen nasai~ For being so late only update yee's birthday party :) For me, that was very happy because so many tomotachi we now finally can gathered .. And the boys was bloody like the camera ;)

daisuki~ sogoi cawaii ne~

that guy was pose-ing = =

hohoho~we steal to make a wish when yee was going out ;D

the birthday cake- choc light cheese

usagi ; o tanjoubi omedeto and genki de ne~

Bai bai :)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tagged By Pineapple+Orange

1. 被点到必填,不填代表你不尊重传给你的人和问卷。
2. 请老实回答每一个问题。
3. 不得擅自涂改题目。
4. 写完后请点8位小朋友,不可不点。
5. 点完后请通知那8位小朋友他被点到了。


1)你的绰号: Juanko ; Ah Dai ; LoveableJuan.



4)星座: Taurus


6)专长: Socialise.



2)是否现在在交往:Nope. I'm available now.

3)现在幸福不幸福:Siyawase ne~

4)如果上天给你勇气,最想做什么事情:嗯,基本上我都有勇气做事情啦 ;)

5)如果有天,你爱的人和你告白。你会什么反应?: 很开心咯 :) 也告诉他本人也喜欢他 XD



2)他是你的: Tomotachi de shi.

3)他的个性: Talkative , haha..

4)认识他多久:can consider 4 years.


6)你想对他说什么:迟点到云顶找你 :)


1)最爱的节目:Family outing (家族诞生)

2)最爱的音乐:K-pop and English's song.

3)最爱的季节:Spring, 感觉是最热闹的季节~~~

4)最爱的卡通:Clannad after story, 超感人 ;) p/s: best recommend.

5)最爱的人:my tomotachi~

6)最爱的颜色:Perfect match , ha~

7)最爱的国家:想去有美食,美景,美男的国家 XD

8)最爱的天气: 有暖风。

1)如果上天给你三个愿望: i) 家人幸福健康 ii)学业进步 iii)好人有好报


3)最深刻的回忆:Those happiness time.

4)你是个很有信心的人:Use to be.

5)你很爱微笑吗?:Nope but is 爆笑 XD

6)如果你要放弃现在的生活,你愿意吗? :If to become a better person.

7)妄想什么样的生活:Happy is the most important thing , right?

8)是否横刀夺爱才是爱?: Nope.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tagged By 猪崽 & 兔崽


(1) 请老实的回答每一个问题。
(2) 不行擅自塗改題目。
(3) 写完请点10位小朋友,不可不点。



02.Lee Chen




06.X zai

************************************************* *********************

01-[ 4号认识6号吗? ]::oh yeah~~

02-[ 6号是男还是女? ]::male. he already got girl friend o..

03-[ 3号的兴趣是? ]::hahaha... criticizing??

04-[ 1号有没有兄弟姐妹? ]::yes. she did.Have a cagoi brother~

05-[ 5号姓氏? ]::nobu(猪) 

06-[ 2号人缘好吗? ]::waa, she's good in communication.. she took care of me when we worked together at Genting.

07-[ 4号有人追吗? ]::ho ho, somebody bought her some biscuits from Penang ler ;D 

08-[ 承上2号呢? ]::huh?? 

09-[ 6号喜欢的颜色是? ]::i think is black colour.. because he though he's MAX from TVXQ, haha..

10-[ 3号和6号是朋友吗? ]::yeah, they even body touching~~ 

11-[ 1号的生日是? ]::30Th December.

12-[ 5号读哪呢? ]::SMKM

13-[ 你怎么认识6号的? ]::when he started to danced Rising Sun by TVXQ :D

14-[ 你跟1号的生日差几个月? ]::seven month.

15-[ 你和5号有出去玩过吗? ]:: of coarse~ we did a lot of crazy thing~ haha :)

16-[ 你喜欢和2号聊天吗? ]::haha, gossip together~

17-[ 你喜欢和3号在一起吗? ]::no, is he like to hang around with me, wuahaha (joking)

18-[ 你觉得3号人怎么样? ]::ern, responsible, hardworking, liable.. (have to say his nice word, cause need sit his's car to Genting, hehe~)

19-[ 你觉得5号人怎么样? ]::funny, haha~

20-[ 你爱5号吗? ]::aiyo!!


1. 是谁传給你这份问卷的:: 猪崽and兔崽.

2. 你们认识多久呢:: 10 years.

3. 你觉得他(她)对你來说很重要吗::yes

4. 你与他(她)的关系是::my best tomotachi :)

5. 你觉得他(她)的个性如何::kind-hearted~

6. 请问他(她)的兴趣是:: waa, both was the same hobby ler, something related to design, I'll proud of them.


問 : 當你在更衣室沖水 门忽然被打开了你会
答 :发狂的喊叫。

問 : 海中忽然大浪來襲后 你发现比基尼小姐上身泳裝被沖掉了你会
答 :偷笑再偷看。

問 :去海边玩会使用咩交通工具
答 :香蕉船。

問 : 你突然发现沒帶泳裝 泳衣你会買吗
答 : 先看看自己的fitness level再考虑吧。

問 : 回去时 发现有其他遊客手机沒拿 你会觉得是哪牌子的
答 : 管他的,是名牌吧。

問 : 海边对你來说是
答 :艳遇的地方~

問 : 看到镜子 会不由自主的向前吗
答 : 倒退都来不及咯。

問 : 经常用洗面乳吗
答 :是啊,在烦恼叻。要找non-clogging的。

問 : 说到自恋会想到谁
答 : 哈哈,v+v。

問 : 有人说该減肥了你会
答 : 喝,等我瘦了,你就。。。


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Durian Pancake

Hey, this Durian Pancake is made from my brother.And this one is cost almost rm30, because my brother was made a giant one~ Yeah, he currently worked at Genting Restaurant Shanghai Tian~ Ha, next time when I also working at Genting, I can get free food~~ ;p

Sunday, December 13, 2009


这天真是悲喜交集呀!! 说来话长。。。

Main Character: Me, WaiYee and MengHwal

4:50am- woke up+prepared.
5:35am-reached bus station.
6:15am-inside the bus that travel to Bentong.
7.30am-reached Bentong and took another bus to Genting. (Bentong peoples was so immature+childish)

9.35am- reached Genting and wait for almost half an hour for the HR Department to open the door to start the section interview.( same again, Bentong peoples was so **)

10.35am-submit the form, and I was filled the white form as the application for KENO SLOT ASSISTANCE(老虎机)
11.45am-Wow, the HR was calling my name, but the reason was the vacancy for KENO SLOT was FULL! What the heck! And my turn was no.104 , oh my god, I have came earlier and I still get the behind number. So I gonna change to another application, I apply for the CROUPIER and my turn was no.131 = = ( wuahahaha, I saw many Bentong peoples was failed in the section interview~~ :D)

After that, I called my sister to help me. Sigh.... How unlucky I am :( Then, I quickly called my brother to apply for the vacancy. DING ~~ UNFORTUNATELY , his working place also FULL. I was so frustrated... Because I though that day won't have my turn because we need to rush for bus, plus that time WaiYee and MengHawl already been selected... But luckily the last minute was my turn, then I prepared myself and get through all the communication and calculation :) Of coarse, must thanks to WaiYee and MengHwal, they always encouraged me.

V for Victory :)
(the place where we interview)

It still left for almost 25 minutes before we took Genting bus to Titiwangsa, so we go hang around at the 1st floor Lobi there..

And there were so beautiful with the Merry Christmas decorative~~ And I saw my favourite stuff, ginger bread man~~ Hurray :) :) :)

this is chocolate
(I ate already, quite sweet but it was delicious, inside were fulfilled with fruits)

ho ho ho , Santa Claus

(my mum and my little brother like it)

as a gift for Nbt :)

( it's actual size was bigger than my palm)

as a gift for Kry :)

(it's actual size was bigger than my palm)


yee and me



me - too dark :(

menghawl and yee


yee and me

yee and me - this one another take corrupt already :(

Happy Ending~

p/s: my cellphone graphic was so poor, yee, next time use yours hand phone to photography ya :p

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Cellphone


我的ringtoneTaeGoonCall Me.

(currently addicted ;D)


''amuttena call me call me''
(whenever call me call me)

''Neodo nae mameul algo itdamyeon call me''
(if you too know my heart, call me)


我的message alertFt IslandLove Letter.


''jal jinaego innayo apeujineun annnayonaega''

(Are you doing okay?)

''eomneun geudaega nan geokjeongi doejyo''

(Aren’t you sick?)

就在想,love messages来了~

我的父母打来-Crown J ft Seo In YongToo Much

每当听到'' too much, too much''




Wednesday, November 11, 2009

hurray~ finally can consider graduated from the high school!! Phew, the exam was finally ended... BUT the maths was totally fuck up! Sigh.. Wish all of us can Graduated with a satisfy results.


my special clock

the day after we finished Pengajian Am paper 1, meng hawl, meng heng and me was walking to the position of the car, which was parked in front of the food stall... and someone is ''treat my eyes eat ice-cream''!!!! OH MY GOD! The foreigner was shit-ing at the empty place that all the trees had been cut down there !! I can saw his white butt, because he was standing and cleaning his butt by using some wild grass!! LMAO~ I think the foreigner is know us was looking at him ;) plus, meng hawl was the first person screaming us to look at him, wuahaha~~

Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't Push Me !

Don't push me so hard, don't push me so far

Don't cage me in, don't tie me down

Can we take a happy time have a drink and a laugh

Enjoy what we have and then leave it to the past

Cause I don't give a damn

Maybe you're the perfect man

That's not how this story goes

You can write me stupid for the results for my exam

Buy a essence of chicken, I prefer Brands

Cause I don't give a damn

Dear, you're the perfect man

That's not how this story goes, No !

Don't push, push me so hard

Don't push me so far no

And you're trying to be giving me a bitter pill

I can't fulfills, no !

Don't push me, don't push me, don't push me, don't push me down

Don't cage me in

Don't push me

I don't wanna be tied down

Don't push me so hard, yeah! don't push me so far, no !

Because My Life Is Cool

I never really tried to be positive

I'm too damn busy being negative

So focused on what I get

I never understand what it means to live

You know we all love to just comparing

But maybe we should try to rearrange

There's always someone who's got it worse than us

My life is so cool

oh yea ! from the different point of view~

We're all so busy trying to get ahead

God a pillow of fears when we go to bed

We're never satisfied

The grass is greener on the other side

We get distracted with our jealousy

Forget it's in our hands to stop the agony

Will you ever be content

On your side of the fence?

Maybe I'm the person who needs a second chance

Maybe you're the person who's never try to understand

Gotta remember we live what we choose

It's not what you say it's what you do

And the life you want

Is the life you have to make

Until the end, you're the devil ==

and I'm the angel O:)

edited from sweetbox.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

tale of memories

see this nobuko and kry, i photography you, you photography me; ==

usagi chan~ smile :D
( but see another 2 ppls beside there, lol~)

see, i captured this picture at the right time ;)

aiyo, sms with who o~~

after exercised, we hang to old town~


1)tropical fruits float

2)sarsi float

3)tropical fruits float

4)strawberry float

jia ne~

December ;*

farewell party for Samuel hon inside the church ;) 23/12/2008

hahaha~ somewhere inside the church~

sigh~ see, how far is the distance between he and me~ boycott me T~T

my 2008 Christmas gift