Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Experience

13-15/1 orientation day
reached Genting almost 12pm... rushed to register = = sigh.. the HR Department working effective was so #@$%! we 6pm something only enjoyed our's meal T__T

16/1 training day 1
First day, started training from 6pm to 2am T__T Luckily no OT, hahaha~ pity waiyee chan~~ Cause I already sway-ing, very sleepy ne :D my training room is at RSC1 , strong air conditional, very cold ler... I'm very quiet dint talk with anyone of my group.. felt they're very hard to mix... haha ;)

during training day

yee chan was sick!! probably is because of the weather and the food was oily.. yee also vomit ne.. so pity, that time i'm thinking bout luckily I'm strong can fight those illness.. BUT after few day, is my turn!! SIGH~~~~ I high fever ler, 38.7c plus sore throat... that time, yee accompany me go to clinic genting because free of charge :) then the doctor suggest me to take mc.. but I rejected.. because after that day is last day training, then I have to start working at casino dy, so scared~~~ (sobsob)

last day training
after we all have passing up, we have celebration ler :D Got chocolate cake eat (wuahahaha) Then, I followed my group went to outdoor~ quiet fun, but very scared ler the space shot T__T
p/s: actually planned to pray at half hill because the next day gonna start working,but finally went to OUTDOOR.. I sick still went to played.. LOL ~~ due to sore throat, I cant shout~~ haha :P

first day working
......................................................................................very charm ler T__T because everything is different compare with training room.................. sure get scolded lor, especially is female pit supervisor...... they saw male newcomer, the mouth like cant close ler, even the saliva wanna drop too ==( x 00) SIGH~~~~~~ some more, I haven't recover ler... voice not available... still want me to do announcement.... customer also stand out for me ler :)

second day working
much better, because is male pit supervisor wuahahaha :D got some F*@%-ing customer simply said thing~ I wanna blast them!!!

third day working
quiet happy lor, first day met a female senior croupier is nice one, I'll remember her ;)

fourth day working
wuahahahaha~~~~ yee, this day I'm so happy~~ lalalalalala~~~ this day, I first time played TAI SAI & MINI DICE, but last 3days I was played roulette... so I'm so nervous ler.. BUT this day have 2 male senior croupier was very nice~~ they teached me with patient how to run the game :D the most friendly one quiet cagoi ne :D~~~ he'll talk with us~~ joking also~~ when I go to resting ar, he even told me don't run to resting, walk slowly ler :D
p/s: very curious why he said so~~~ I wonder is he saw the incident that when I last time go resting one~~ :D

after came back Mentakab, yee fetch me and shen go eat dinner ler... sure chatting lar~~ miss shen too :)

yee, wait me, I'm going up soon~~~


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