Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Fears New Life

Hey guys, believe that I've neglected my blog for a damn long period... Guess what, I'm back~ with a new life at Kampar, Perak...

After resignation from Genting Malaysia Berhad, I proceed my journey to further persuasion of higher education at UTAR Kampar, Perak. Trying to adapt the new life and the so-called culture in Kampar...

Well, let me list out a few examples of Kampar culture as below:-

*go out ''yam cha'' with friend after 10pm

(gosh, my dear will know that I'm going to sleep at this time :[ In lieu of that, I rather than stay at hostel<3 )


(hesitate to tell that I don't know how to cycling, but the good news is my housemate gave me his bicycle! oh yeah~ I'm going to practice cycling soon ;)

*make friends

(ahem, those seniors are being too FRIENDLY, i cant use to it. In turn, I'll became more defensive... Do not believe strangers in a simply way to avoided regretting)

*doing part time

(yeah~ position as a drinks maker or cashier.. Rm4 per hour + near to my hostel + time is FLEXIBLE.. It's sound good right? Hmmm, maybe will apply for it soon :D Besides, there's still have another option, as a student assistant at UTAR, same price... Anyone give me some suggestion?)

Herewith is the pictures of my room at Westlake, Tsing Hua:-

the bath room

the bed room

*like a suite room?? heheee (thumb up!)

stay forward-


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