Sunday, February 22, 2009

Release 15%

Phew~ Finally end the St.John Test.. Now I can release 15% of tension =)And another 85% was left to the Monthly Test Exam =( Ouch!!!!!!! I'm still tiring and need to do a lot of homework and yet I'm still blogging here!! Okay, now let me tell about the Test that having today.

Firstly, I'm having a Theory Test at 8.00am until 9.00am. This year I should take the Adult Test that were 100 question in paper!! Hahaa, but luckily Dr. Hew allowed us to took the same paper with the St.John member that were below 18 year's old. And, the questions was quite easy , just I didn't read complete the notes. So hope I can pass for the Theory lar 0:)

Secondly, the highlight was came!! I started to do the Practical Test with bandaging. I'm was so lucky~ I was paired with MengHeng , ours St.John 2ND LEADER. And when I was finished to done my bandaging, I cant pull out the triangular bandage's node , but MengHeng was secretly helping me to pulled out the node . So nice~~ =D I was freaked out, oh no~

Thirdly, the last test Transportation. One group have 5 peoples. My group have Ng , Me , Lim , Tan and Chin. Chin was my close friend brother. In the structure part, Chin was the commander, he lead us to transport the casualty, something had happened but he stay calm and completed the transportation. So cool and nice~ And he never blame us when we do wrong the step. The Test was end , THANKS!! for those peoples that free out their times for teaching us :)

Wish All Of Us All The Best. Good Luck , you had done yours great job. 0:)


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