Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ta-Da !!!! I'm back !!

Miss me? Ha! I'm sure you all will miss me lar =) Actually I was went to GENTING with my sweetie friends.. There have Kry, ShiMei, The sweet couple and Me, total up there was 5 peoples of us. And we called our pretty's boy as Boss! Because he fetch us go to Genting, so we must respect him.. Ha! But actually he was so pity, because he keep on bully by one of us =D, but it not a big deal lar, we all have FUN!!!!!!

here was the picture we took: ( although nothing special but I just wanna photography!! )

inside the cable car

guess who, ha!

inside the cable car, kry was very afraid, so i forced her to took picture with me =)

first world
p/s: I did'nt upload all the picture.

Lastly we're heading to BENTONG, and went to eat the Bentong most famous Ice-cream!! The shop was full of peoples! All was the foreign visitor.. And Bentong's peoples was very friendly =)=)=)

here was the Ice-cream
p/s: I already ate a bit so it look like... Ha!!
Many thanks to the boss!!

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  1. WOW! I went there b4. It was nice for me because I like cold food and drinks!I think u like 2 because we r in Malaysia.^^Y