Sunday, May 10, 2009

Enjoy The Highlight :D [ 6th of May ]

the birthday princess: love-able Juan :)

my cake: chocolate raisin ice-cream cake

the gangs

the silence

the naughty

the happiest

the sweetest

the gorgeous Queen ( 13th of May )

yum-yum~~ :D

the prettiest ( l>r : 3, 2, 1 )

the friendship :)

pizza :D

pasta :)

emm~~ i like this breads ~~

present from Li Peng

present from Lu shin

present from my gangs ( I really like it ~~ it's consist the wishes from my sweetie )

the celebration birthday of December's princess ( Lu shin & Wai Yee )

happy always ~~

with all the sincerely wishes

Friendship Forever


1 comment:

  1. but inside the pic shows the 'Queen...'
    so ...