Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother Day :)

Happy Mother's Day~~

Today I was hang out with Wan Chin and Chun Mun . We went to a restaurant to have ours brunch. Yea, we sure chat a lot :D...
And Mun, he got his's math exam A !!!! Ugh, envy envy envy !!! I told him must rescues me , ha ! But every time I met him , he will make me felt I didn't work hard enough... Make me continues to fighting ~~ This quite good, help me a lot :)
Besides that, I met Soon Lee and Kian Sin too... Then we sit at the same table. Wuahahaha~~ Of course , I won't leave this chance by keep on asking them questions lar~~~ I 38 a lot of things too ~~ Today also a wonderful day :)
p/s: Today I went to Pizza Hut to celebrated Mother's Day with my mum, then the waitress there was so suck!!! F her !! Ruin my mood for 1 hours . By the way , I'm still happy :)

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