Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nobuta Wo Produce

Since I didn't upload for a long time, here I'm~~ Sigh, my computer was seriously injured and now still have some problem T_T

Finally, progress!! The mid-year exam was ended.... Sigh, speechless..

But now was school holiday, it's my drama time~~ Hurrah~~ Ha! As you guys know, I must very hardworking for searching some movies from pp stream one, and yet I did :D Currently I was watching Nobuta Wo Produce from the pp stream~ It's so funny and educational, no wonder Kai Shen san was so deep in love with it~ And now seem like Japaneselicious, am I right, girls? :)

Well, now is picture's turn~

Drama 野猪大改造


讲述了在一所私立高中,在自己的班上最受欢迎的桐谷修二( 龟梨和也-Kamenashi kazuya饰),在家其实是个懒散孤僻的人,在学校为了保持自己受欢迎的程度,一直假装是个乐于助人的人。修二的好朋友,性格优柔寡断的草野(山下智久-Yamashita Tomohisa饰),总是喜欢缠着修二,修二表面上不说,心里一直认为他是个笨蛋。刚转学来的女生小谷信子(堀北真希饰-Maki Horikita),是个内向腼腆对自己没什么信心的女孩子,班上的同学很喜欢欺负她,更给她取个外号叫做“野猪”……

Yamashita Tomohisa ( my dream guy )

(求婚大作战) - wai yee san ~~ hehe~

Maki Horikita

Kamenashi kazuya ( kai shen san - dream guy )

similar with Dean ???

Jia ne ~

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