Thursday, July 16, 2009

Damjobi :)

11/7, last Saturday i with my gang had a small birthday party for ours little nurse, Michelle lee (love)~~ which held at dragon hometown :)

that day i was a bit rush and late to be there, so sorry about it T__T there were a few people present, that is peishan , michelle, waiyee, kaishen, lushin and me ;) and we bought a chocolate mint cake~ that was sooo mint until after i ate it, will felt headache and dizzy~ ==

but ours birthday princess actual day is on 27/7 and because she will busy with her study so we early celebrated with her~ next time to meet her will be hari raya. she was a sweet friend because she always will wishes us when ours birthday even she is not in mentakab :) so warm~ so wishes ours little nurse all the best ya ;)

michelle :D

(look, the candles shine like a fireworks)

see this kaishen, so busy with her....

p/s: although this time was a small party but later will replace for u yo~

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