Saturday, July 11, 2009

Farewell Party

my tomotachi is going to matkab today... wishes both of them will success in their path of life ya ;) and genki ne~

but before this, ours class 6AS1 had a farewell party with them , guang yao san and tze thurn sama on this wednesday and thursday which held at hong xin san's house. of course, very appreciated hong xin san that rent us a place for steamboat de shi. thanks for his's kind-hearted maids that helped us a lot~~ and some of ours kind-hearted tomotachi that helped to cut, fried and washed the foods :)

that day, i heading to TF to bought ingredients with cui yin san, pei ying san , hong xin san, yi shiuan san, and kar jon san. we bought quite many stuffs, and i was wanted to eat ice-cream so badly, but the boys don't want to buy it T__T, so i zealously to beg them, and then finally they willing to bought a 1 liters ice-cream.. wuahahaha, i'm so proud :D

but!!!! when we pay, we nearly insufficient of cash!! then, they said is just because of the ice-cream = = (but i knew they was so kidding lar) after all, we rushed to hong xin san's house, because we're already late for 30 minutes before the party start!! so sorry to those who was earlier reached there, komene ~ :(

then the girls was begin their kitchen war:

see, i fried the sotong's balls ler :p

this tze thurn sama == , see his's expression... so happy mie~ taking photo behind of kaishen san.

after half an hours, jang jang~~ see~ ours battle strength :D

who was that ??

rushed rushed~

(l>r: kaishen san, boonlip san, yishiuan san, and nai fook san)

aiyoyo~ see this tze thurn sama = = , his look like...

kar jon san and me~

i wanna beat him dy.. cause he acted like i'm forcing him to take photo with me = =

my classmates de shi
(infront; l>r: waiyee san, me, peiying san, yishiuan san)
(behind; l>r: guang yao san and cuiyin san)

kar jon san and the fake vampire :D

cui yin san and pei ying san :)

kar jon san and wai yee san :)

after finished eating, it was movie time~~ we switched off the light and watched the hill have eyes 2~~
the movie suppose is a scary movie, but the story was a bit bored, so we keep on fast forward, lol~~

p/s: peoples that din't inside the photo was hong xin san, jas san and fook ming san.

lastly, we went back home almost 12am in the midnight, because the next day we got school and some more have to do chemistry experiment :(
so tired...
Jia ne~

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