Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pizza Hut Take 2

just now just hang out to celebrated prince thx 19Th birthday at pizza hut~~ but his's actual birthday is at this Saturday, 18Th of July :)

phew~~ today was very tired. cause need stay back at school until 4pm then head to pizza hut at 6pm.. but i couldn't make it, because waiyee, kaishen and me have a bigger mission to complete~~~




that is __make sushi to prince thx as a presento :) you know, we really rushed. cause after school yee and shen need to rush to my house to make sushi!! we need to cut carrot and japan cucumber, cook japan rices, fried eggs and so on... but finally ours products had completed by yee with wrapped the sushi with a colours paper, so kire~~ (clap~~)

after that we gonna head to orange cake house to buy a bamboo pistachio cake :)~~ at that time a special candle have catch ours sight, it is a candles that hardly to blow off, then we decided as a punishment for prince thx so we bought it (evil wuahahaha~)

sadly, we reached pizza hut was almost 7pm dy, we almost late an hours T__T and they almost finish eating!! (sob sob) so we order a second round.. finished eating and chatting, the punishment time is on~~

see this prince thx , haven't know yet, haa~

(so happy there)

so serious make a wish, make a wish~~

bamboo pistachio cake


the highlight :D

this special candles :p

seee!! that was the sugoi sushi make by yee, shen and me~~

see this people, playing knife ( kids don't learn ya :D)

cutting the cake with the bread knife that borrow from the pizza hut

bamboo pistachio cake
(black inside)

happy birthday -THX with the sushi :)
(don't drools)

p/s: don't know prince thx got touch or not~~ haha..

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